Nicole and Carmelo Di Bella

Let me introduce you to the Di’s. Yes the Di’s, She is Nicole Di Mariano, and he is Carmelo Di Bella, how lucky are they to have found one another. I love that she went from one cool name to an equally cool name. These two were the most fun couple I have had the pleasure to work with in a super long time.  All my couples are fun but these two were very unique. They were goofy and silly together and they made me laugh all day. They had little details in their wedding that I have never seen before, like for instance, they had really cool nick names for their guest on the names card table, names like “Poopstastic”, “The Bus Goodfellas”, “The Knife Family” more but that gives an idea of how cool Nicole and Carmelo are. They have been together for 8 years already, and finally had their special day filled with tiny quirks of their own. Carmelo really likes his knives, he actually opted to use his pocket knife instead of the usual cake cutting utensil, and I thought that was great! Carmelo wore Van Hulk shoes along with his son and she also rocked her blue Vans after her feet were done with the pretty blue heals. They got married at beautiful sunset surrounded by family at The Vineyards in Simi Valley and wow this location is drop dead gorgeous. Ill finish this up by giving a huge shout out to Inez Di Bella the sister of the groom, if it was not for her I would have never got to meet this rocking couple!!! Much love to these and their“knifey future” LOL. Congrats again Mr and Mrs Di Bella.


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