Sandy and Juan Escalante

Meet Mr and Mrs Escalante, fancy name!!!! I love it. These two were so cute from day one. They shared with me how they met and basically Sandy was a stalker at Juan’s job when she was in high school. She was not allowed to go out when she was a teenager, but she was allowed to go eat! She sweetly gathered her friends and would go to a fast food chain that Juan was working at daily. She thought the guy that worked the register was cute (Juan). Juan was like, why does this girl eat here so much…. LOL. Anyway after all that food and stalker activity by Sandy they finally got together. Its been just them for all these years, they have 3 beautiful kids, and a house and a super cute golden doodle.  They have it all together and this past weekend they brought the Lord in to their marriage. I could’nt be happier for this super cute couple. I wish them the best always.

Photography by yours truly Sandra Estrada @sandraestradainc

Hair and Make up by Karla DelaRosa @kdelarosa

Venue Luxury Event Center

Cinematography Desiqued







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