Desiree & Gabriel Gutierrez

Let me introduce Mr and Mrs Gutierrez, they are so perfect for one another. Both Desi and Gabe moved to Las Vegas NV from Texas to plant a church with their Pastors. This is where I met them and met Jesus to as I didnt really know Jesus then. They both are leaders in the church and they are both amazing in their own rights. They both have Jesus at the core of who they are and they serve Jesus daily. They moved here just being friends and while they grew a church their friendship grew also. They had a pretty big wedding planned with all their loved ones that were supposed to attend but as you know 2020 was hit with the Rona. Covid-19 made it impossible for them to have their dream wedding. They decided to marry anyway with a small group of friends and family and let me just say it was so magical, intimate and perfect. Im grateful for these two souls who obey Jesus and walk the walk, if they had not been obedient, so many lives that know Jesus now might not have known him at all. They both do great work and it was an honor to document this very special couples wedding day. Desi and Gabe thank you for all the work you do for the kingdom. I look up to you guys. May God bless your union always.

Photography: @Sandraestradainc

Videography: @Leon.films

Makeup: @Loyasarah

Hair: @Lilybethmolina


Pastors: @johnboore and @pricillaboore

Location: Pioneer Park Saint George Utah


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