The Garibay’s Married

This wedding was one that had me biting my nails, they planned their wedding for June 27th 2020. Which if you have been following 2020 like Im sure you have you know we are in the middle of pandemic and these two did not let a little pandemic get in the way of love and marriage. They held on to their date like no ones business and said we will be married by this date. It had be biting my nails because I wasnt sure if they would move thier wedding date like most of my weddings did for this year. All though they did face some adversities all the way to the day of the wedding day, God made a away when everything was closed, like courts for licensing and churches for ceremonies. God is amazing in the fact that everything lined on the day they needed to get married and we were all able to witness this incredible love story. They met when Stephanie was still in high school. Cesar was her best friends older brother. Stephanie told her best friend way back then, “Im going to marry your brother”. Obviously she was to young at the time but finally after high school they became friends and here we are now. She had her eyes on him and now Cesar is her man!!! Get it girl. They are the cutest when together, he is looking out for her and caring for her. Here is their little wedding which is’nt how they planned it but they planned on being married and that they did. It was truly beautiful and the proof is in the pictures. Let’s check out their wedding day. Congrats to my couple of 2020 for allowing me to capture this gorgeous day for you guys.

Photography by me @Sandraestradainc

Make up by @QTstudio_

Video by sister Joanna Jimenez

Hair by MOM (She did more than just hair)


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