Natalie and Dmitry Nikolaychuk

Well I had the honor of documenting the wedding of my beautiful cousin Natalie and her hubby Dmitry. They always planned on having an intimate wedding surrounded by family and friends and her wedding day could’nt have been more perfect. Well, other that the fact that of all the days Washington decided to have a hot day, and this was that day. But seriously the sun added a beautiful warmth to her entire day and so it was perfect. This lovely couple lived just a couple houses away from one another, they grew up together and all her brothers were his friends when they were all 6 years old and up. What a cute love story right, they were neighbors and now they are married. So family holidays will be easy for them as they parents homes on the same block. How fun.

Hair and make up by the bride herself

Decoration and coordination is Dmitry’s sister Violet (VEE)

Photography @sandraestrada1nc Sandra Estrada


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