Piro Wedding Day

Here is the wedding day blog of Diana and Michael Piro. Diana and Michael met at a carwash where he took his car to get washed one day. The began to talk, and she mentioned going on a run and he assumed that she was flirting with him. Well low and behold they went on a run and here we are now. If Diana was flirting or not, Michael ran all the way into her heart and they have been together since. They are the pawrents of the most beautiful little poodle dog that is just so precious, his name is Pistachio. Of course Im partial to poodles because I have two of my own so I adored meeting there little furbaby, and did I mention what a well behaved boy he is. Wow. Just WOW. Diana and Michael got married during the time of The Rona (Covid_19) and so a few things had to be a little different, but what remains the same is the love and the family that was there to give their blessings to the Piro couple. I want to say a big congratulations to Diana and Michael Piro for getting married and taking the run of your life from here on. I wish you guys the very best and wish you three (Pistachio) and happily ever after.

Photography by me IG @Sandraestradainc

Hair and make up by cousin Jackie ( Thank you Jackie for your help that day)


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