Corona didn’t stop this beautiful wedding from happening and I love that, because at the end of the day LOVE WINS!!! Can I get an Amen. Denise and Andrew said I do in the one of the most beautiful venues California has to offer and they got lucky with this, as there was a couple […]

Here is the wedding day blog of Diana and Michael Piro. Diana and Michael met at a carwash where he took his car to get washed one day. The began to talk, and she mentioned going on a run and he assumed that she was flirting with him. Well low and behold they went on […]

Well I had the honor of documenting the wedding of my beautiful cousin Natalie and her hubby Dmitry. They always planned on having an intimate wedding surrounded by family and friends and her wedding day could’nt have been more perfect. Well, other that the fact that of all the days Washington decided to have a […]

This wedding was one that had me biting my nails, they planned their wedding for June 27th 2020. Which if you have been following 2020 like Im sure you have you know we are in the middle of pandemic and these two did not let a little pandemic get in the way of love and […]

Let me introduce Mr and Mrs Gutierrez, they are so perfect for one another. Both Desi and Gabe moved to Las Vegas NV from Texas to plant a church with their Pastors. This is where I met them and met Jesus to as I didnt really know Jesus then. They both are leaders in the […]

Congratulations to Jessica and Richard who where able to make it to their wedding in the midst of the threat that faces our country currently. They chose a very lucky day, Friday the 13th and they got rain on their wedding day which is known to be good luck. Even if they did not feel […]