Let me introduce Mr and Mrs Gutierrez, they are so perfect for one another. Both Desi and Gabe moved to Las Vegas NV from Texas to plant a church with their Pastors. This is where I met them and met Jesus to as I didnt really know Jesus then. They both are leaders in the […]

Congratulations to Jessica and Richard who where able to make it to their wedding in the midst of the threat that faces our country currently. They chose a very lucky day, Friday the 13th and they got rain on their wedding day which is known to be good luck. Even if they did not feel […]

Meet Mr and Mrs Escalante, fancy name!!!! I love it. These two were so cute from day one. They shared with me how they met and basically Sandy was a stalker at Juan’s job when she was in high school. She was not allowed to go out when she was a teenager, but she was […]